Trina Is About To Release New Memoir

Trina is ready to tell her story in a new memoir called ‘Da Baddest’.

The memoir’s synopsis stated, “Growing up in the Liberty City area of Miami, Florida, Katrina ‘Trina’ Taylor spent her childhood feeling relatively sheltered by her mother and stepfather. Trina and her mother had an unbreakable bond and Liberty City felt like a playground made just for her.”

It continued, “And even at a young age, Trina knew what she wanted: to be a powerful, successful, and magnetic woman, a woman who was entirely self-reliant and independent. She dreamed of becoming a dancer, sexy and sparkling in the background of rap music videos she saw being filmed around Liberty City. Little did she know, she’d eventually be the star of the videos and a founding Queen of rap.”

Trina added, “Age 15, Miami, Florida #DaBaddest, my new book is available for pre-order now. I can’t wait to share my story with you all!!! Link In Bio.”

The new memoir is scheduled to drop on October 8th.

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