Cardi B Left ‘Shook’ After Meeting Patti LaBelle For Holiday Season Collab

Cardi B and Patti LaBelle are teaming up this holiday season, with the two combining their dessert brands.

The “Lady Marmalade” singer is partnering her Good Life pies with the “Bongos” rapper’s alcoholic whipped cream ‘Whipshots.’

Meeting for the first time, LaBelle shared she felt for a long time that the two were “supposed to be together.”

About the partnership, LaBelle said, “I’ve been her mother in my mind for a long time because she’s just all that and a bag of chips. And I’m all that and a bag of chips.”

Cardi B said she felt she wasn’t “worthy” and “shook” to meet Patti LaBelle.

“I’m super starstruck. I’m on my best behavior,” she assured.

LaBelle responded “Oh, don’t be on your best behavior with me because I’m really bad,” to which Cardi replied, “I will be doing splits on these tables.”

The campaign ad shared on Instagram shows the two meeting up for what looks to be a family gathering, with shots of the duo preparing pie and cream combinations and with glasses of wine in hand.

What’s your dessert of choice for the holidays?


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