Kanye West Being Sued Over Firing Worker For Not Listening To His Demands To Remove His House Windows and Electricity

Kanye West had the project manager who was looking over the remodeling of his house in Malibu sleep on the floor and ended up firing the guy over a disagreement that they had over him taking all of the windows and electricity out.

Kanye is now being sued by Tony Saxon, who says he hired him back in September 2021 as the property manager, caretaker and the security for the home.

Saxon also claims that he would be working 16 hour days and was sleeping on the floor while the house was being remodeled and Kanye did not care at all that he was using a coat for bedding.

He continued by saying that Kanye had ignored all of his concerns and only paid him for one week until he reached a certain point in November 2021 when Kanye demanded that he should remove all of the windows and electricity in the home.

Saxon says “expressed concerns about the extreme danger of such actions” but he says Kanye had raised his voice and said that he would just move a generator in the house which Saxon then expressed his worry of a fire hazard.

The lawsuit also claims that Kanye threatened him and told him that he would be “an enemy” if he did not listen to his demands and when Saxon refused again Kanye told him to “get the hell out.”

He also says Kanye told him “If you don’t do what I say, you’re not going to work for me, I’m not gonna be your friend anymore and you’ll just see me on TV.” When Saxon told him that he does not watch tv he was fired right there.

Saxon is now suing Kanye over multiple labor code violations as well as unpaid wages and damages.

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