Snoop Dogg Says Tupac Gave Him His “Pimp” Persona, Taught Him “How To Be A Star”

Snoop Dogg attributes a lot of his success to Tupac, attributing his “pimp” attitude and hard work ethic to the late Hip-Hop legend.

While appearing on The 85 South Comedy Show, Snoop says Tupac taught him to be a star. During his “Doggystyle” era Snoop says he wore Chucks (Chuck Taylor tennis shoes) and khakis, but Tupac wanted him to be more fly. 

“That n__a like, ‘Me and you finna have a meeting. We stepping our game up. We gotta change your look, Snoop Dogg,’” Tupac told him.

“’You a pimp, n___a. B___hes love you. You fly. You gotta start showing your fly side!’”  

“He dressed me up in suits, Louis Vuitton, Gucci — s__t I couldn’t even spell or pronounce! All this Italian s__t,” Snoop continued.

“Just look at how I’m standing next to cuh when I’m wearing it. I’m trying to figure it out! I’m like, ‘Do I look right? I hope I don’t look sweet ’cause these pants tight as a muthaf___a!’’  

Snoop eventually got comfortable with his new style thanks to Tupac, but who or what influences your style?


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