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Vietnamese refugees began arriving in the United States at the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. Migration from the southeast Asian country continued over the years, and Vietnamese now make up the sixth-largest immigrant group in the country. Since 1975, the United States has resettled more than 3 million refugees from around the world. Click through the gallery to learn more.

Strangers in a strange land: Refugees face hurdles to American dream

06/20/2016 @ 8:03 am

ATLANTA (CNN) – Ahmad dodged bullets in Syria. Bushra received death threats in Iraq. Awino walked a thousand miles to flee civil war in Sudan.They each found a new home in the United States. Stran

Silvio Berlusconi gestures as he takes part at a People of Freedom meeting in Rome on September 9, 2009. In November last year, <a href="http://cnn.com/2013/11/27/world/europe/italy-berlusconi/index.html">the Italian Senate voted to expel Italy's three-time former prime minister </a>from parliament after his conviction for tax fraud.

Silvio Berlusconi Fast Facts

06/13/2016 @ 12:51 pm

(CNN) – Here’s a look at the life of billionaire and former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.Personal:Birth Date: September 29, 1936 Birth Place: Milan, ItalyFather: Luigi Berluscon

ISIS fighters parade down an Iraqi street in this image released by the group in July 2014.

Libyan forces taking back ISIS stronghold

06/12/2016 @ 5:32 am

(CNN) – Libyan forces have retaken parts of Sirte from ISIS militants, gaining ground in the extremist group’s most significant stronghold outside Syria and Iraq, according to a Libyan military group

Anton Yelchin, a charismatic and rising actor best known for playing Chekov in the new "Star Trek" films, was killed in a fatal traffic collision on June 19, 2016.

‘Star Trek’ actor Anton Yelchin dies in freak car accident

06/19/2016 @ 2:16 pm

(CNN) – Actor Anton Yelchin, 27, who played Chekov in recent “Star Trek” movies, was killed in a freak accident early Sunday morning, police told CNN.


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